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Importing Excavators from China, Seriously?

Well, I understand your concerns. But importing excavator or other other heavy machines from China has been proven to be a smart decision for the reasons below:

  1. Shifting Infrastructure Dynamics: China’s rapid infrastructure development over the past decades has slowed down, resulting in an abundant supply of machines in the market.
  2. Manufacturing Hub: China is not only the largest manufacturer of heavy machines but also a major owner of such equipment.
  3. Export Incentives: The country is actively promoting the export of used heavy machines, especially excavators.
When you consider these factors together, China emerges as the perfect destination for purchasing heavy machinery. If you’re looking for machines at best prices to maximize your profits, please click the button below to contact us! 

Maximize Your Budget with Our Sourcing Team

When it comes to purchasing used machinery, finding the perfect match within your budget while considering brand preferences and specific usage requirements can be a complex task

That’s where our dedicated sourcing team excels. With years of experience and a global reach, we’re experts at locating a wide range of machines tailored to your needs, whether they originate from auctions, construction sites, farms, or quarries.

Our team has consistently satisfied customers from all over the world by helping them find precisely the equipment they require. If you’re looking to make the most of your budget and find machinery that perfectly suits your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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Rigorous Inspection for Your Peace of Mind

Have you ever been troubled by unexpected equipment breakdowns?

Consider the scenario where machine repairs are ongoing, employee salaries and fixed expenses keep accumulating, and you face pressure from project stakeholders and potential fines due to project delays. At Digger Mover, we deeply understand the critical role equipment reliability plays in project profitability.

That’s why we subject each machine to the most rigorous inspection process. By meticulously examining every key parameter and assessing its operational condition, we ensure that when the machine arrives at your project site, it’s ready to work immediately, minimizing unplanned downtime and the hassles of repairs.

Again! Our inspection process is designed to address these issues and ensure your project runs efficiently. Want to learn more? Feel free to contact us NOW! 


On-Demand Refurbishment and Parts Replacement Service

Looking for a used excavator that operates like new, in and out?

It’s a known fact that used equipment has seen its fair share of wear and tear over time, with components naturally aging and the exterior showing signs of use. As an equipment owner, you understand the importance of a clean appearance and a machine that appears relatively new, as this can build trust with clients and enhance your project’s image.

Based on your specific requirements, our refurbishment service team is ready to arrange on-demand refurbishment and parts replacement for your equipment, ensuring that it operates at its peak performance and maximized longevity!

Contact us today to learn more about the service! 

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Comments from our satisfied clients

John Smith

John Smith

Director of Purchasing, India

I am extremely satisfied with the used excavator I purchased from Digger Mover. The machine was in excellent condition and has performed flawlessly on our construction projects. Their team provided exceptional customer service and helped us find the perfect excavator for our needs. Highly recommended!

Digger Mover has been our trusted partner for sourcing used excavators. Their extensive selection, competitive pricing, and commitment to quality have made them our go-to supplier. The excavators we’ve purchased from them have exceeded our expectations, and their after-sale support has been outstanding.


Sarah Corner

Purchasing Manager, USA

Support Beyond the Sale

At DiggerMover, our commitment to you goes well beyond the initial purchase. We believe that the true measure of our service lies in the ongoing support we offer. Our dedicated team is at your disposal, ready to assist with any queries that may arise during machine usage. Whether it’s troubleshooting, maintenance tips, or rapid parts replacements, we respond promptly and professionally.

We understand that your success depends on the uninterrupted efficiency of your equipment. That’s why we stand firmly by your side, ensuring that every aspect of your machinery is optimized for peak performance. With DiggerMover, you’re not just buying a machine; you’re gaining a reliable partner dedicated to your success

Ready to experience our unmatched support? Contact us today and discover how…

Professional Packaging and Shipping Service

Seeking hassle-free transportation for your excavator?

Look no further! At DiggerMover, we offer professional packaging and shipping services that guarantee 100% safety during transit.

Whether you choose Flat Rack, Container, Cargo, Flatbed Truck or RoRo Shipping, your machine will arrive securely packaged and ready to get to work. This allows you to focus solely on your project and your business growth.

Ready for worry-free shipping? Contact us today

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Hear what they say about us


Michael Brown

Farm Owner, Australia

As a farm owner, finding reliable and cost-effective equipment is crucial. Digger Mover delivered exactly what we needed with their used excavators. The machines have proven to be durable and versatile, helping us tackle various farm projects. Their expertise in the industry and attentive customer service make them stand out.

Digger Mover exceeded our expectations in every aspect. From the moment we contacted them, their team demonstrated deep knowledge and guided us in selecting the right excavator. The machine we purchased has been a game-changer for our projects, saving us time and money. We appreciate their professionalism and highly recommend their services.

Emily Davis

Emily Davis

Purchasing Manager, Philipines

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Our Solutions

We offer a wide range of used excavators for export, including mini excavators, midi excavators, and large excavators. We have various brands and models available to meet different customer needs.

We strive to provide excellent after-sales support, and we can assist you in sourcing spare parts for the used excavators we export. We have access to a wide range of genuine and aftermarket parts to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Our used excavators are thoroughly inspected and serviced to ensure they are in good working condition. We provide detailed information about each excavator’s condition, including its maintenance history, hours of operation, and any necessary repairs or refurbishments.

Yes, all our used excavators undergo a comprehensive inspection and testing process. Our experienced technicians assess the mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical components to ensure the excavators are in proper working order.

Our team of experts can assist you in selecting the appropriate size and specifications of a used excavator for your project. We consider factors such as digging depth, reach, bucket capacity, and operating weight to ensure the excavator meets your specific requirements.

Yes, we can accommodate specific brand or model requests for used excavators. We have a vast network and can source a wide range of excavators based on customer preferences and project requirements.


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